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Ольга Краснова ( Тря
: Fri Apr 24 14:00:42 2009

Хочу передать привет из Иванова Герману Шамаяеву!!! Очень рада тебя видеть. Жаль что не смогу попасть на ваши спектакли. Будет возможность пиши.

: Thu Mar 26 16:37:26 2009

Вроде ничего так Видео посмотрел! Думаю приду на вас посмотреть как-ниудь ;
Vladimir Kandaurov
 Yessentuki, Russia
: Sat Mar 8 18:08:55 2008

Attn: The Artistic Director. 
Dear Sir or Madame, 
I would like to use selected DVD releases featuring highlights of the much acclaimed worldwide Comedy Israel for non-commercial adaptation in the classroom at our College (Department of Arts and Humanities) for didactic purposes, research and discussion to animate the lessons, seminars and practical works in History of Theatre, Discography and Critical Studies, Israeli Studies: Cultural Research and Analysis. 
I should be deeply grateful if you would be so kind to send me on free short term loan basis any DVDs (they may be second generation, ex-rental ones) of filmed/televised Comedy Israel performances accompanied by full credits and extensive program notes on the inner sleeves (or at least photocopied DVD covers). 
As a matter of fact, we are aware of the copyright law and understand that these DVDs are solely available for using to non-paying audiences as just another tool in our Israeli Theatrical Culture Project aimed to develop aesthetic taste and critical thinking for students and postgraduates, to increase their knowledge and appreciaton of the Israeli and international actors, musicians and singers of great renown, and to discover the evolution of artistic and religious subjects and thought throughout the centuries. 
Much to our regret, the College does not have any currency at present, and neither the distributors/international sales agents nor trade/government organisations and bodies associated to promote a wider knowledge of Israel and the Israeli culture abroad are in a postion to help us under the outlined conditions as a gesture of good will since their activities are not directly aimed at academic institutions - you gather we have had no luck in that direction. We have set ourselves a mammoth task which would be difficult if not impossible for us here. You imagine getting access to the teaching material we required is not always easy in the outlying districts of Russia. It should like we have a huge job to get done, and very limited resources. Not a good combination. 
I realize that normally you cannot accomodate requests such as ours. However, I do hope you will decide to make an exception just this time and ship to us some DVDs we are searching for. 
Yours sincerely, 
Vladimir Kandaurov PhD 
Arts & Humanities 
108/27 Vokzalnaya Street 
357601 Yessentuki-1 
Stavropol Territory 
P.S. If you are not yourself able to consider our request for a contribution in support of our efforts, will you please readdress and forward it on to relevant supplier or even individual? 
P.P.S. I take the liberty to pay your attention on the safest and cheapiest way of dispatch the items without commercial value. I think the best one is via surface mail on the listed below conditions. In accordance with the Russian postal and customs regulations, the declatred aggregate value of the contents in each small packet must not exceed the equivalent of US$50. 
Again, thank you for your attention.

: Thu Jun 28 18:41:18 2007

:)Поздравляю сестренку Альфию с приглашением в Голливуд!! 
Удачи!!!!и до встречи!!! Уже скоро! 
Обязательно прийду на Ваши спектакли!!!

: Thu Jun 28 18:32:28 2007

Поздравляю сестричку Альфию с приглашением в Голливуд!!! 
Удачи тебе!!!!! 
Как нибудь обязательно прийду на Ваш спектакль!!!))))Уже скоро...
: Fri Nov 24 13:29:12 2006

:) Приятно быть первым. Просто шёл мимо, зашёл в гости. :p



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